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About the TCSA

The Texas Christian Schools Association grew out of a group of Christian schools across the state affiliated with the Churches of Christ. In 1986, this association of Christian elementary (to include preschool and extended care) and secondary schools committed to New Testament Christianity was formed. Today, there are over 20 schools and TCSA hopes to expand its membership to include schools that have its roots beyond the Church of Christ.

The primary function of the TCSA are:

  • Support and benefit the common cause of quality Christian education across the state.
  • Promote and encourage the highest standards of the education profession.
  • Promote Christianity among its member schools.

TCSA is committed to the inherently Christian principle of superior education in Christian schools. TCSA schools have a direct tie to National Christian Schools Association (NCSA) and have access to school accreditation through NCSA and SACS. If you are interested in joining the TCSA, we would love to speak with you, please fill out our contact form and someone will contact you soon.

Board of Directors